Hmmmmmm....Alliances<<This Could Work

Cap'ain Valentine

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Ok guys sorry for not posing alot lately<<you know life(i heared some of you just follow my threads cuz they like the way i typelol) NVM that
the thing im Putting at yer table this time is the concept of ALLIANCES now this is a big word with a big meaning to it, when you think of alliances Between guilds in our mean time,it useless coz we already have guild....but you guys are NOT thinking with a futuristic vision...if they tok the game to a new dimen....daymanson.....OH NEVER MIND, if they tok the game to a new level a level that has guild islands and invasions that expand over the whole caribbean and Guild ships and guild territories....the alliance would have a different meaning<<<infact the whole word Guild would have a new meaning
well you are the discussers/judges of the idea im waiting for yer responses
please comment and like<<<<if you like

Bobby Flat Foot

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Guild Islands? Do you know how much room those would take up?!?! There has got to be a million+ guilds in the game... Talk about lag....


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There's enough guilds out there with totally stOOpid names.....the island names would be just as pathetic...hehe. My guild tends to stay on Antik, so that's close enough for me at the moment...

Will Nightwolf

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I think it be cool if we had guild treasure were we all put in money and have to defend it aroudn the clock 24/7 if we had that I'd never leave the game lol. However more than likely some jumper would find a glitch and steal it all. But if it was one on one then it would so be on.

Cap'ain Valentine

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I think a guild island should only be visible if you are in that guild.
Exactly...What i meant is that Alliances are big steps for disney Before they do any of that they have to improve guild "things" and when i say things i mean everything about guilds
second...its not like the game has to have 1000000+ islands i mean we have all played MMORGP games where we have houses but we only get to see our house...something like clubpenguin but without the map thing


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the way i see it is if they introduce alliances into the game i feel that all the large guilds would ally and then go about wiping the smaller alliances out and ruining the game for people its just my opinion but constantly getting my but handed to me would deter me from playing the game
Agreed...but think the guilds should have banks / trading systems and personalized areas (minus the attacking / defending of it). Just my two cents :)


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I would like to see factions be introduced into the game. Like you can still be a pirate but there's other options like be Navy or Eitc, or possibly undead.

I don't know so much about Guilds running the Caribbean. The player base would have to increase immensely for this to even be considered.