How Do You Like My New Boyfriend?

Molly Ironscarlett

Site Founder
Charlotte,Darkharts Mine!! Got that girls!

um... didn't I just claim his as mine at the top??? MINE MINE MINE!!!!! xD Glad we have that established.
EDIT (Nov 18, 2010 7:47 AM):
ty all this was a practice run to see if i could do a pic:D

Haha, omg, guiding her through it was pretty miserable. jk. lol love her enough to help.
Ok ladies, I've been claiming Darkhart to be mine for at least 6 month's now. But, I guess I can give Jolly a try.;)

BTW: Nice pic, Molly. Too bad I'm not in it. It would make it that much better! ;) Love ya sis!