How I became a Pirate

Eric Raidpratt

I was just a little boy around the time when the new men of their generation go to join the navy as a cadet and my mom refused to the officer at arms to let me go join and not knowing my comlete parentage killed my mom. He soon was know as general Darkhart for jollys army, yes my father is Jolly Roger. He also forgot one small thing about my mom, she is Beckkets sister. Well soon after this all happened a good friend of mine came by his name by Matthew Raidpratt and cheered me up, I soon followed his name Eric Raidpratt and began my hastless search for Jolly and his Army comanders. When the first invasion started i got a nasty scar all the way down my back from his cursed sword. After i defeated Jolly on his ship the "Black Revenge" i took it for my own. I found me a crew soon afterwards and made me a guild called Raidpratts Armada. Years passed with my fights with Jolly and soon Beckett blew his cover by inplanting Eitc Spys in all of my guilds, and i had to hide soon though i will have my father bowing to me, and becketts head on my sword the sea shall be ours once again!!!!


Honorable Pirate
Oh lol..

I thought you were going to say "I signed up for Pirates of the Caribbean Online and waited a few seconds/minutes to download the game/launcher and started playing by making my own pirate"