How Long Will Test Be Closed?

After they done fixing all bugs, lag and all other problems that were reported during the first couple days(which was a lot). They are still on schedule as it is early February and Disney said:
"Sorry to hear about you going "bonkers" over the lack of a release date, The Crew is not prepared to commit to a specific date due to circumstances that could arise between the testing phase which could add delay to the release. This is just how it is. We want to really deliver a polished final product that meets and exceeds your expectations for Infamy. However, we are targeting an early March timeframe ... that's about as much info as I can divulge at the moment."

Rushing them is not gonna help and it is likely that it will only lead to more bugs. I'm sure none of you guys would like to be bothered while doing something and now imagine them getting tens of complains about it and think how distracting it is.
It closed Saturday because the release wasn't stable. Developers don't work weekends, so it was probably closed to prevent further corruption to accounts until it could be looked at on Monday. Once they track down the bugs and patch them enough to stabilize the update, at least to the point where accounts aren't getting messed up, I'm sure it will open up again. Development is tricky sometimes, it's extremely difficult for them to give any estimated dates, because things happen and if deadlines are missed, complaints start rolling in.

My guess though, today or tomorrow.

p.s. i might have had to much coffee!!
You know, the Developers are hard at work trying to fix the bugs. All we have to do is report them. While they do the ' heavy lifting' Can't we just give them a little slack?
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Disney has said they plan to have it open again before the week's end. So yet again "tonight or tomorrow" :)

Maybe a tiny tiny bit?
Aren't we taking things for granted? I mean all we have to do is to report the bugs. And some of us expect the developers to work on them and have everything working the next day. Some of us say, " What's taking them to fix these things? Or, All they have to do is to change a line of text,"

" Disney has said they plan to have it open again before the week's end. So yet again "tonight or tomorrow"
They also said that the kraken was going to come out at the end of the year in 09. And yet here we are! lol
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