How Many Hours Do You Use The Forum Each Week

Molly McSilver

Site Founder
I don't know how much time is too much or not enough. Come on folks lets be honest. We won't start with me because i have to add it all up/:fight:
Um, I know I check it at least twice a day...I don't know how long it averages out to be but it really depends on the posts here as well.
Total hours? Hmmm. I often come & go so...I am taking a wild guess here but, when you add everything up probably close to 2 or 3.

I know, I know...That is not much but, it is the quality of time, and not quantity that makes up for it :) Only goes to show how organized & "together" you administrators have made this site!!!
I would say about 7 - 10 hours a week. When POTCO is down that is a different story...
i go off and on through out the day... i would say about 30 hours for an entire week but commenting is like 4 hours lol