How To Be A Pirate Lord

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hey guys,
most of us wanna be a pirate lord but its not that easy you have to agree on certain codes!!

Pirate Lord Codes
1-To become a pirate lord, one must be captain of a ship, must swear by the Code, and must have killed a man.
2-A pirate lord shall hand down his piece of eight to his successor, who shall take his place as lord of one of the nine seas. (wich is the hardest part)
3-The Brethren Court may not declare war upon an enemy without the election of the pirate king
4-The pirate king is elected by popular vote among the pirate lords
5-The pirate king is to serve as chief and fleet captain during war. They will command our combined forces, make parlay, or make peace.
ill tell you guys some info about the court
the current lords are:

Ammand - Ammand the Corsair is the Turkish Pirate Lord of the Black Sea
Hector Barbosa- Barbossa is the Pirate Lord of the Caspian Sea
Chevalle - Chevalle, the Penniless Frenchman, is the French Pirate Lord of the Mediterranean Sea
Ching - Mistress Ching is the Chinese Pirate Lord of the Pacific Ocean
Jocard - Gentleman Jocard is the African Pirate Lord of the Atlantic Ocean(i really like this guy he looks wierd)
Captain Jack Sparrow - Jack Sparrow is the Pirate Lord of the Caribbean Sea.
Sumbhajee - Sumbhajee, a former Hindu Priest, is the Pirate Lord of the Indian Ocean
Eduardo Villanueva - Eduardo Villanueva is the Spanish Pirate Lord of the Adriatic Sea.
Sao Feng - Sao Feng was the Pirate Lord of the South China Sea.
thats it for now ill post more about the Brethren Court later
please comment and like (...i mean if you like)
happy plundurin yall,
oh and dont forget to check out my other new thread "pirates code of conduct"


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Chevalle was definitely cool, and represented le Francais well. I'm considering writing him in when I write my pirate lore for my three guys (all of them are French, of course....)

Tom O'fury

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I'm sure thats not all the codes... That book looked a little bit bigger than to just hold that many... :p Great though! I like the brethren Court. I named my guild based off of them.