Guide  How To Figure Out Your Time Zone

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For these of you who have a hard time keeping track of time zones , I found this:
That means if you are PST you are -2 hour than Texas, If you are EASTERN you are +1 than Texas hour etc
very good treaurer, but let it be known that arizona has it's very own time zone. in the summer we are on pacific time, but in the winter when pacific time sets their clocks back one hour we don't, so that makes us on moutian time. we never have to worry about that watch or car raido clock that take a genus to chang the time cause our time never changes. guess mgt or mean green time would be best for all, but that changes too when you get into day light savings time. so i guess arizona is the only place in the world that truely gets it right. long live arizona, it's a great place to be!:confused:
Thank you for the time zone chart Treasurer. It is helpful especially the one for Australia. I have a friend that lives there as well as you Angel :D
Europe seem to have been forgotten here. I will have to see what I can do about that
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