How to get a web site for a guild

One that has not been listed, better than guild portal. That is totally free is I can even help you get your site started if you would like. Its great to find another guild from pirates that has a guild on mmoguildsites, It allows you to create an alliance and members and allies can post on both websites. Its easy to use. Its got templates or you can code it. Lots of options. If you would like to see one set-up sorta you can check out mine. Although things are just... there right now and cluttered. Working on creating staff ranks and privilleges right now so haven't been able to upkeep it much. is a great guild-hoster with amazing customer support. Its all free! Unless you wanna go hardcore and get voice chat and stuff... It already has a chat similar to in-game pirates. is your best bet i started a business website and just paid five dollars to some other service to lock in a domain if you go hardcore they have a guild option which shows recommended templates look at my websites is the testimonial site and live chat site soon to be a estore for it as well.
take a look at my website for a peek, i can also help you with one if you like
hey if you have no experience in website making then i recomend this site

i made a site for a dieing guild and a new guild that didnt make it lol but if you think your guild is ready then yola is a good choice

and yes it is free
I use
Its free unless you want to buy space, however, I have never had to do this. I have tons of stuff on there and yet it doesnt take up anything:
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You can make it private for only your members to see or open to public. When a membership request is made, I get a message in my inbox for approval. There is also a support form on lefora that can help you with any problem or question that arrises.

Only complaint: not enough of my guild has joined it yet. lol.