Guide  How to get Test Server

Isaiah Ropeswine

Wanted Pirate
The Test Server is a separate, invite only, version of the game where we test new game content, features, game updates, bug fixes, and upcoming changes to the game before they are incorporated into the live game. To get test server, you must apply here.

Those players who participated in the Pirates Online Beta Test (phase 1 or 2) automatically have access to the Test Server and can log in by clicking on the Pirates Online Test Launcher icon located on their desktop. If you have access, but still need to download the Test Launcher, please do so by using the appropriate link below.

For PC, please click here.

For Mac, please click here.

To qualify for test server officially, you must go at least 6 months without bans or violations on your account.
I need some of your luck, Isaiah ... :sad1:
Should I apply every other day until they are tired of seeing my name and finally grant me the access, or that would have the opposite effect?
I was downloading that, not paying attention that it was for "test" only. And then I was like ... :confused:, couldn't use it ...
I was part of both the first and second Beta phases, so I was automatically granted the TEST server access...

A few months ago, my Laptop died and I only got a new laptop a few weeks ago. I redownloaded the test server a few days ago, but couldn't login, so after a few minutes of research, I learned that it was down for some reason.

Now, today, I finally re-tried to login, and it was a success, to a certain extent: I'm a 'Basic Member' within the TEST server!

Is this even supposed to happen?

My character is almost naked because he can't use the clothes he's supposed to wear, they're locked

Some skills are locked too, my ship is locked and everything else locked in the basic access is locked.

Did they remove Unlimited access from the TEST servers?
You can find the link to upgrade to unlimited access here -
I'm with John Foulroberts, thank you for this thread. I too got the Test Server invite a couple months after I started playing (I was darn near a founder I...found out hehe). My computer had a massive crash (For those who speak computer, I had a 4 drive Raid 0 corrupt!! Bad day!) And I have gone a long time thinking that was lost. Seems after installing from the link provided here, I'm still good to go. But one question for anyone, that isn't a huge deal, why doesn't the test server install wizard let you decide where to install the game? And I mean my programs aren't on "C" and it automatically put it there. I just had to move the folder and redirect the launch icon. I don't remember if the regular install is like this too? I guess Disney thinks everyone runs their programs from "C:" ;)

I only asked once for access and they e-mailed me back like the next day :D I applied when the Test Server was still kinda new though... I use to play a lot then I quit, Now I've picked back up and have been using test some.. Its actually kinda boring because no one really gets on test. They only have 2 servers and their ALWAYS quiet. Its hard to find anyone on there. I'm sure you could find more people when new content is released but you can get on 24/7, its never closed..