How To Jump Extremely, Extremely High

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I. Download List, Requirements
II. Disclaimer <------READ THIS NOW
III. How to it works
IV. How to install
V. Usage
VI Alternative

I suggest try VI and get yourself 5 switch foot potions - and you should be up on the sky... oh wait.. that was fixed last heard, too bad.. oh well lets see maybe you could try this, I would much rather vote for the potions instead not risk being terminated. Yes you could get terminated for this, and it is for educational purposes only. It is also censored so that the average person can't do some sort of malicious code injection.

There are not risks of your computer getting harmed some how with the information here, however, anyone who tries this, it is at their own risk, it is not encouraged, nor condoned. It is also intended to be complex. (again to avoid average folks from using this material).

I. Some thing's you'll need to realize is that as of now(5/30/11) you cannot do this with the browser version of Pirates of the Caribbean Online. It is only doable via the Launcher version of the game(which can be found here)

A medium-ish nice internet connect, i.e. you don't want to sit here for an hour reinstalling files.

And last but not least, a easy-to-use Hex editor. I recommend HxD. It's easy, portable, and multi-language. Download here

A windows computer, not yet mac compatible!

II. Just so you guys know- hopefully you won't try this. This is purely for instructional and informational purposes only, and not to be actually attempted. This directly intervenes harmfully against the Walt Disney Terms of Use Policy and can (and probably will) result in an immediate, and potentially permanent ban. In layman's terms; don't be stupid.

III. It works for a couple of reasons. Disney's Pirates of the Caribbean Online runs mainly on Python, JavaScript, and the Panda3D library. Those first two are completely open source, Python being a little bit easier to manipulate. The .pyd and .mf files are Hex encoded Python marshalls, also known as Python Bytecode. Using a tool which will remain unnamed, you can disassemble (or get rid of the crazy Hex Code gibberish) and unobfuscate (meaning changing variable names to what they should be) the code into what the Devs' are actually working with. After this is done, you can have at it modding about.
The Phase1.pyd file is what stores everyhing, but Disney figured they'd outsmart people by actually storing a compressed copy inside of the file, so that incase some would-be tinkered messed up their Phase1.pyd, the .mf file would stop them in their tracks. Do to the nature of the Launcher, this isn't so.
The launcher attempts to download a .zip of the file, which than extracts a Phase1.pyd file, but since we're also deleting, it will have downloaded the 1st Phase package, read that it's there than started downloading the package.. But by that time, we've already gone in and replaced that first package, thus tricking the launcher into the "Errything's A-Okay Boss" mindset. Make any sense?

IV. Alright, now that you've probably "skimmed" over all of that, now to the JUICY parts.

1. Open up "My Computer" and go to C:>Program Files>Disney>Dinsey Online>PiratesOnline

2. Copy/Paste Phase1.pyd and to your Desktop, or wherever you'll remember them later.

3.Delete Phase1.pyd,, and from the PiratesOnline folder.

4. Highlight both the .pyd and .mf files from your Desktop (that we copy/pasted from step 2) and drag them directly onto the HxD icon, also on your desktop by now. Thats it, just drag them there. (If that doesn't work you can open up HxD and go to file>open and do that twice for both files) if a little window pops up just hit Okay.

5.It should look something like the picture below, now just go Search>Replace. Type in 24.0f in the top box, and 99.0f in the bottom. Hit "Replace All" confirm it with the below pic:

6. Now do it again for the other file.

7. Exit HxD, make sure to save, and delete the .bak files and the config file it creates on your Desktop, they're garbage.

8. Now here's the fun part. It's a little hard to explain so read this through before you do it.
Open a window to your C:/Program Files/Disney/Disney Online/PiratesOnline Directory
Double-Click the Launcher, and login. It will start updating and i the file window you'll see a .zip of the loading up
On the launcher it'll go up to about 33% then rocket up to 66%, and start downloading Now it thinks its finished a fresh copy of the package, so heres where we come in.
After that little flash up to 66%, copy the and Phase1.pyd modified files from our desktop, and paste them into the Pirates directory. If it asks you if you want to overwrite, say yes.
Let it finish downloading, and enjoy.

9. Now that you have your modified files, if you want to login again with a jump thing, just do steps 3, and 8. So you delete them, and as its updating, paste your modded files in.

V. Haha, press SPACE! WOOHOOO!!! I hope someone can make use of this :D Here's a quick video of me messing around on POTCO

Note to all Disney Reps, I might have an idea on how to patch this GIANT hole. It isn't giant because here, it is completely harmless... but I have witnessed the list of variables, Its just as easy to make completely game-changing modifactions, and it isn't a good idea to let this go unpatched for long.

VI. An alternative to this is drinking 5 switch-foot potions, and you will be jumping high in no time.


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If you have winrar on your comp instead of winzip - it will download or load in whichever "unzipper" you use ;)


Just so you know, they can also ban you by your IP Address, meaning even if you use a basic account to try it, you still wont be able to log in with your Unlimited acct.
Just so you know, they can also ban you by your IP Address, meaning even if you use a basic account to try it, you still wont be able to log in with your Unlimited acct.
they dont ban the IP adress anymore a few friends of mine have hacked the game and got termed and logged back in on a basic account without changing their ip adresses and still being able to play ( lol their not my friends anymore )
This experiment was first publicized by DVLabs in 2008, though this method of changing game variables is not by any means 'new'.



I'm just wondering, who first 'invented' this ... You, Pippin?

This experiment was first publicized by DVLabs in 2008, though this method of changing game variables is not by any means 'new'.
I didn't invent the hex-editing of bytecode no. But the idea of tricking the launcher was my doing, as far as I know.. But this was (to my knowledge) first presented at the RECON reverse engineering event, where DVLabs presented their python bytecode disassembly. The way they do it is in a completely different way, and it is a little bit too complex for me to try and create a readable version of, since some of the techniques are new to me. The way they do it is by actually modifying some of the executing code inside of the .exe to not update at all.

I don't wan't to see people using that method because eventually people will start distributing "patched" .exe's which could end up being phishing scams..

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wow people you COULD do all of that or you could do it the safe way! SWIFT FOOT GLITCH PEOPLE!!! brew to or more swift foot click and drag to the drink potion box click really fast
Swift foot glitch does work :p
oh and that video could mean u used swift foot :p
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