Tip  How to lv Staff

Deniz Can Keskin

Wanted Pirate
Staff is the most powerful weapon but you need to control it very good that's why the quest opens at level 30. And some guys staff level is low and the staff abilities are diffrent then the other weapons and can kill a lot of guys and then the staff level low guy dies because more then one guy attac it.

Where To Use Staff For Your Level:

30-35 the best place is Kingshead to level up when your level is low

35-37 you can kill the spineskull and flotsams your level will be middle

37-41 Tormenta brangersuim ( I think I wrote it wrong ) you can fight there and you made most of the way

41-50 Tormenta Gold Room and Thrall Room will be ideal for those guys and in there you will master your staff

Note: If you want to have the best staff buy the tribal chef staff and it's about 32,000 gold

If you have questions please tell me

George Prowratte
Co / GM
Midnight Avengers