Tip How To Lv Up Your Pirates Sword And Staff!

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  1. Francis Gunshot

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    Dec 30, 2010
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    When you get your pirates sword or staff got to kings head make sure you have a healer or two if you are a lower lv got to the place on kinghead where there are the six men marching go into the middle of them with your sword if you have Jacksbrew drink it I you are only lv one sword and you kill all six men with jacksbrew you should be lv 4 sword keep doing this and you will lv up faster that anything same thing with the staff go to kings unlock wither and use it on them over and over again if you have jacksbrew you will even lv up quicker. Just today I used my noob pirate a lv 2 I went with a healer to kings and lv up to lv 18 notery and lv 25 sword all in an hour with jacksbrew. Also my first day with the staff on my other pirate a long time ago I went to kingshead and got lv 20 in the first hour. Please let me know if these tips help!

    Francis Gunshot
  2. Firehazzard

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    Feb 26, 2011
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    Very effective! I highly suggest this method if you have the potion it can level you so much faster.
  3. corey

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    Jan 2, 2011
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    it didnt help me but if i were new this would be a very very valuble peice of info.