How to properly report issues you're encountering

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Howdy all,

I hope everyone has been doing well as of late and enjoying their time back to the Caribbean! Today, I'd like to cover a topic that I find it be of utmost importance in an effort to streamline TLOPO's work for the game. You guessed that right. That be reporting things to be corrected by the developers. Without further ado, let’s move straight to the topic.

Why is it important to report things I encounter Mark?

The importance of reporting pestering things that get in your way is high. As we all know, TLOPO is currently to it’s Beta phase and has been like that for almost a year now. During our recent downtime from March to May, the developers took the game off to migrate it to a new more recent & stable codebase. During that time, they fixed a lot of issues that popped up their way. So by reporting things you encounter, you help them deliver a final product which is far more stable and within a reasonable time frame.

Okay cool! I crashed upon docking on Port Royal. I’ve reported it but I’ve yet to get a solution from them.

Understanding the importance of reporting is the first thing. The second is to learn how to properly report the issues. By stating “you’ve crashed upon docking” you don’t really help at all. Things like when did that happened, what were you doing when that happened are likely to give developers a starting point to get to digging. Keep reading as I try to provide you with tools to properly report the broken stuff.

Psst! Glitches, Bugs, Exploits – which one am I getting?

  • Glitches: A glitch is an unintended game state that becomes achievable due to an unforeseen issue in the game's code. i.e., you are able to clip through the ground. These are for the most part low priority issues as the team's main focus is stability and functionality. A TLOPO glitch includes getting underwater on Padres Del Fuego in order to get to the other side of Padres, Las Pulgas, without going through the jungle. Additionally, "glitch" is used to refer to issues with graphics and sound.
  • Bugs: A bug is usually an intended game state that is not achievable, due to an unforeseen issue in the game's code. i.e., you are unable to complete a level (or a boss doesn't spawn, etc.) due to an error in the code that sometimes can get the application to crash. These are the center of attention and main focus of the developing team. TLOPO bugs include some weird connection issues, crashes when doing specific things and a few others. These types of errors are the most common you’re about to encounter so it’s important to understand what triggers them.
  • Exploits: Exploits can some times be a result of bugs that players encounter throughout their gameplay. What separates a bug from an exploit is that players can take the latter to their advantage in a manner not intended by the game's designers. This includes gaining unfair advantages over the rest of the players. These are TOP priority issues that will be corrected within a time frame window as soon as they are being reported. In accordance with TLOPO's TOS, players found exploiting the game will face severe punishments. Please take into special consideration such actions because it can be an unpleasant experiece for all. In the past, we've had a few database rollbacks because of such exploits occurring.
Now that you understand which issue is which, let’s see how you can get them properly reported. There are currently two ways of reporting content to TLOPO Support.

1) ‘Send Feedback’ from within game’s options. (Quick & Basic, sometimes preferred)

While you’re in-game, press ESC, navigate over to “Send Feedback” option and click on it. Then, choose the appropriate category and write up a description. Please provide as many details as possible in order to ensure that developers will not only understand your issue but what’s causing it as well.

2) Contact TLOPO Support at (Advanced, sometimes essential)

Depending on the level of complexity a bug has, you might have to provide more information regarding the issue you’re getting. This includes game crash logs, a youtube video or anything else that can be useful to them.

Understanding the usefulness of providing a game log.

In computing, a logfile is a file that records either events that occur in an operating system or other software that runs. Event logs record events taking place in the execution of a system in order to provide an audit trail that can be used to understand the activity of the software and to diagnose problems. They are essential to understand the activities of complex issues, particularly in the case of applications with little user interaction (such as server applications).

That being said, a log file is being created every time you attempt connection to the game’s servers. It writes down all of your actions in-game and tracks any particular issues. Let’s say that you’ve ran into a bug that crashes your game every time you reproduce it. A soon as the game vaporizes, the log writes down the reason why the game was forced to be terminated. Thus, sending your crash logs to the developers can help them identify the problem causing you to crash. Logs are lifesavers, trust me.

All of your game’s log files are currently located at C:\Program Files (x86)\TLOPO\logs provided you haven’t altered the default install location.
(( C:\Program Files\TLOPO\logs if you’re on a x86 system ))

PREREQUISITES before reporting:

  • Reproduce:
    If you believe you’ve uncovered a bug, ensure you can replicate it by following the steps you’ve done to trigger it. This way, you can certify on your own that the behavior you’re getting IS a bug and thus you’re in need of further assistance. Since we’re in Beta phase, it’s not entirely impossible to get random crashes every now and then upon attempting to do even the simplest things so make sure the thing you’re about to report is actually a bug and not anything else on your end.
  • Provide a crash log:
    As explained above, logs can provide essential information to developers that pinpoint to the faulty behavior you’re getting. Logs can speed up the process of getting your bug fixed.
  • Use common sense:
    Pay attention to your actions while in-game and report bugs sparingly. For example, if you’ve been experiencing a major bug that has been reported multiple times on the forums or it’s been classified as known issue by the developers there is no point in reporting it. That is unless you can provide more information about the actual problem.
  • Priorities:
    Please understand that not everything that you report will be fixed right away. There can be a wide variety of problems going on, and main focus will always be getting everyone in-game first as there are still a few people being unable to connect for a number of reasons

Are you uncertain regarding an error you're getting?

If you aren't sure about something feel free to send TLOPO an e-mail asking them for further assistance or you may reach @MMDR and @Cheysa Finn directly on these forums.

I hope I was able to shed some light regarding how the reporting system works and how the reports are handled. If you have any questions or want to add anything to the above thread, feel free to reply below or contact me directly.

Mark Scurvyfox
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Mark Scurvyfox

I've written the above thread in an effort to clarify the importance of keeping things organized & cleaned. As a community, we have to understand that we can be of a lot help to the TLOPO team. Opinions aside, if we report things that get in our way, we'll ensure a much more polished and finalized product in the long run.

REMEMBER: Creating a thread about a bug does not equal reporting it to TLOPO!

Thank you all for your contributions.
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:good post:Thank you very much for posting this, it's very helpful, particularly the information regarding WHERE the crash logs can be found as this is something I was wondering about.

Mark Scurvyfox

PS: "Use common sense." What is this common sense you speak of? ;)
I've included an example above - I believe that we should send them quality reports because that's the only way to help them after all. On top of that, having an organized system means no digging for reports, that should enhance their progress as well.
:good post:Thank you very much for posting this, it's very helpful, particularly the information regarding WHERE the crash logs can be found as this is something I was wondering about.
Thanks for the kind words. I'm constantly looking after improving people's experiences and I did notice that a lot of people are still confused about the whole thing with game logs so I'm thinking of creating a video to expand their advantages/usage soon.

I'll try to keep thread up-to-date as we're moving forward with Beta so if anyone has something to add, feel free!


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I hope I was able to shed some light regarding how the reporting system works and how the reports are handled. If you have any questions or want to add anything to the above thread, feel free to reply below or contact me directly.

Mark Scurvyfox[/QUOTE]
Thanks Mark. Is there a thread on the forums OR tlopo that does an explicit walk through on how to completely remove tlopo from your system in the event that this may be a solution to problems, like the recent update issue.
If not, it would be nice if some knowledgeable member or dev makes a page on proper removal and re-installations.
thanks for all you do.
I need help. When I put my log in info. in and press play it pulls up the game then says it's not responding and automatically closes it every time. Please help.