Humberto Diaz Aka Elpatron (what Do You Know About Him)

Cap'ain Valentine

Wanted Pirate
El Patron
Humberto Diaz (cameron diaz be hims sister) , also known as El Patron (spanish for Captain or The Captain) was an original Spanish conquistador who visited the Caribbean many years in the past.

Early Life
Humberto was the son of a wealthy merchant and adviser to the king of Spain. Using these powerful connections, he financed a lavish expedition to the Caribbean. Like many Spanish Conquistadors, he set out to find gold and riches, but ultimately he became known for his weapons.
Caribbean Expedition
At some point, he had gathered the large cache of these special weapons and kept them on Padres Del Fuego - which was his base camp. When he had spent even the large sum supplied to him by his father and the king, he used his powerful weapons as a collateral to borrow money from many of the shop keepers on Padres Del Fuego. Among the legendary weapons was the cursed sword of El Patron himself, as well as several Famed Weapons and many other magically or voodoo enhanced weapons. El Patron refused to give up his weapons, and sealed them, along with himself and his remaining loyal crewmates in the mine in Raven's Cove, which was later named after him. And thats probably it
lol i know only what they told us and that jolly was hunting for his weapons on padres and what his clothes are because as i have said before i have a pic of him without his glow
Wow good story i was on his ship once helping a friend and his chcken

ah Touche
EDIT (Mar 3, 2011 at 4:22 PM):
He had a dog on his ship

i never saw a doggie wait i think i left my dog on his ship i was to busy looking at my shiny new weapon "your going to hand over that nice shiny bottle of rum before i run you through with my nice shiny sword"-potc at worlds end the game
I know about him, as I asked Member Services about his past and then posted the info on another potco fan website. :)