I Caught Speedy Lou At Lvl 19 Fishing

well heres the setting i was on a fishing boat and b4 i had tried to buy some fishing lures and i hit the legendary lures and it let me get them and i casted out and i tried to catch a shark and lou appeared o.o



Aww you are so lucky!

I had 2 chances to catch him but i'm too stupid to lure him in! I got all freaked out and confused and I lost him twice. :(

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Click really fast then reel the wheel just spin you mouse in circles you dont have to grab it at that point. If it says grab the reel then click the reel[the part spinning as fast as possible].


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Also, if you watch where the handle (on the wheel that you click) stops, that's where it will start the next time. By anticipating where it will show up again - you can be ready. Glittering, Fogbell and Lou are the easiest and about the same to get. Mossy is a grind, you just have to hang with it and your hand will hurt. Fire Dragon is very difficult unless you have someone helping you. At least - that's my experience.