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Recruiting I N F E R N O


Wanted Pirate
Hey everyone! Welcome to the I N F E R N O recruitment page. I thought I'd never say the words.. INFERNO is back! and we are looking for courageous, helpful and respectful pirates. We are always going to be doing guild events that are listed below.

INFERNO Guildline POTCO 2010

Information on INFERNO:

From the very kindling of this game INFERNO was an ever looming behemoth. It only grew with time along a whole generation enthralled by the world Disney created. INFERNO was instantly recognizable for it's notable members, achievements, and the standards upheld to their fullest extent from morning till the dusk of dawn. To this day people remember the awe inspiring guild that was ever present throughout their play through. I as well as many others wish to see this guild riposte with the same fervor as the game itself. However as many members are aware not too long before the closing of our beloved game INFERNO fell into ruin. This was due to misinformation, misunderstandings, a lack of understanding of the rules of argumentation, lack of civility ,and a guild master who abandoned his guild. Now you dear reader are beseeched with the burning question will you join us once more?
So it is, Ash seekth embers.

Invite Code:
Please pm a GM or Officer for a invite code
Level Requirement: 30
Guild Server: Exuma
Home Island: Padres Del Fuego
Guild Colors: Dark Black and Bright Red
Discord: Unfortunately you must be in the guild and we must confirm you're in the guild. Message a Officer or GM for a invite through PM

Sister Guilds:

  • S P I T F I R E
  • N O C T U R N A L
(These are sister guilds so we can expand)

  • Looting
  • Svs
  • Pvp
  • Guildlines
  • Boss looting/raiding
  • Meetups
  • Material looting
  • Cannon Defense
  • And more..
These events are weekly


  • (No Drama!) - We're of the firm belief that this should be a guild free of unnecessary drama. No one needs it and we've had enough inner turmoil within this community.
  • (No spamming)
  • (No Racism!) - This is not taken lightly and will result in a permanent ban from the guild.

Guildmaster's and Officers


Guildmaster: Maus
Co-Guildmaster's: Marc Daggerhound, Solomon O'Rage


Will be updated soon..


We cannot wait to see what INFERNO grows into on TLOPO we can only grow it into something with the community's help.
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