If We Had A Holiday Party, What Would You Bring?


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Alright, we get into the holiday spirit here. If we had a party and all forum members were invited and asked to bring one type of food or beverage, what would it be? This is a friendly culinary skill show-off ... so what was the best thing you could prepare and brag on? :D

I'd bring the deviled eggs! I don't bake cookies but I do have to cook like 4-5 dishes including turkey. But one thing never fails, ppl always ask me to bring that one; I make 'mean' deviled eggs. :p
I'll bring my italian chicken wings. They are marinated in italian dressing 24 hours and covered with a 50/50 mixture of italian flavored bread crumbs and baked at 400 for about 45 min. Yummy!
Captain Morgan please forgive me if i pass:):piratemickey:

Lol, I think Captain Morgan would have to do a lot of forgiving....but I'll give them a try if I run across them....depending on how well I know the person that makes them. :-/

Oh, and I would bring Mimosa (hello, we're celebrating!) and my double layered cherry cheesecake....or maybe my sausage cheese dip. I don't know?