If you could only save 3 people.....


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I was gonna say ... how come that you didn't put your own opinion who those 3 ppl were, Bobby? Not really fair asking others without saying the answer yourself?


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my friend, ron white, and jade o' hayes
my friend bc hes awesome
ron white bc i would have someone to laugh at
and jade so i would have someone to annoy


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:confused:! Are you sure ... You were not among the ones that I would save ... ;)

My family, my family, my family ... If there were 100 ppl, they would still be my family. In other words, if you had to be the ones that Jade would save, you had to be my family first ... :p

Constance O'hara

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LOL I would save my cat Sneakers(ik its not a person), my sister, and........ hmm.... a friend lol.
My cat because it's comforting
My sister because she's awesome
A friend because , do I REALLY wanna be stuck with a cat and an older sister....?