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Pirate Lord
If I ignore a member in the forums, will that ignore all their alts too?
And does this also work in game. If I ignore a pirate, do all his/her alts in game go away too?


Pirate Lord
sadly no not ingame as ingame is only untill you log out you must reingore ingame and no for forums it only blocks there main you would have to found and ingore there alts @squintz
Darn, thanks. I didn't know that the chat ignore didn't go to memory or something and remain in effect. That doesn't seem right. IDK.
In game if you ignore someone and crash, relog, or log off when you log back in said person would be unignored sadly.. Youd have to ignore all the characters alts in game and on forums to completely ignore them. Forums if you hit ignore then that person stays ignored till you unignore them.


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Ignoring someone on the forum should also mean they can't read my posts or quote me or reply to me for that matter.

But it doesn't work that way. It should.
Usually when someone 'ignores' someone, what they really intend to do is to block them without knowing what the ignore button does. Ignoring someone only affects content you see and now what they can see / can interact with.

There are addons out there that introduce a 'block' feature. Blocking another user is totally hidden towards the blocked user and the blocked user is also totally hidden from the blocking user which eventually prevents you from seeing content x made but x can also not see your content. This also includes forum profiles, information and all that.
Ignoring someone on the forum should also mean they can't read my posts or quote me or reply to me for that matter.
Hard disagree. This isn't Facebook or Twitter where you're posting to your own profile, this is a forum for public discourse. The ignore feature is meant to aid you in ignoring another member. You will not receive conversations or alerts from ignored members, and you may restrict access to your profile if you wish to block them from viewing and responding to your profile posts. Threads and posts are open for anyone to respond to, and it is up to you to ignore responses from people you don't like. I don't think you should be able make that decision for other people by forcing them to mutually ignore you.

Of course, if you feel someone is taking things too far and breaking our rules, you may report the message to have staff review it.
If people I ignore can reply to my posts and comment on things I say and then other people reply to their comments, i cant really participate in the conversation i may have started. In essence I am not free to participate if I choose to ignore someone.

In the end I really can't ignore anyone as they are free to steer the conversation in any direction without my knowledge since their supposedly ignored content shows up to everyone else and they react to it. So I end up seeing what they say anyway in some cases.
I do realize the utility of ignoring somebody is limited. That is the price you must pay, unfortunately, for open discourse. You indeed restrict your own ability to participate effectively in a discussion where somebody you ignore is also a participant. What is the alternative? To prevent people you ignore from participating in the same discussions as you? That isn't practical, because then it becomes a tool to censor others from participating in discussions, which is antithetical to the purpose of a public forum.

The ignore feature should be available for keeping harmony in a community by keeping people separate who just don't get along, but instead it doesn't really do anything.
It does something, but for the aforementioned reasons it can only do so much. It is a trade-off. You restrict (not eliminate) the ability of the member to engage with you, at the cost of also restricting your own engagement with discussions they may be involved with.

You may create personal conversations if you wish to have discussions where the public is not invited to participate, but I don't really see any sensible middle ground beyond what already exists.
There is zero restriction on how an ignored person can interact with me anymore than if I didn't ignore them but chose not to respond to any of their posts.

So my point is that The ignore feature does nothing because I could achieve the exact same level of interaction with them if I don't use it at all. QED it does not qualify as,a feature in any sense of the word..
That's simply untrue. In addition to hiding their content from you by default, it also prevents them from sending you conversations or alerts. Again, it is to aid you in ignoring them. It does not have any bearing on whether or not they must ignore you (or your public posts). I do recognize the usefulness is hindered by the fact that they can participate in the same discussions as you, but I've explained why it is not practical to prevent them from doing so. So it is unclear what you are suggesting which hasn't already been refuted.

To elaborate on why it isn't practical to prevent them from participating in the same discussions as you, consider that they would still be able to read your public messages by logging out (or using an incognito/private window), and respond to your messages without quoting you. Even if they never engaged with your messages directly, they have the ability to influence the direction of a discussion simply by sharing their own thoughts or engaging with others. It is not possible to completely conceal their influence over a public discussion. As such, you are right to say that you can't completely eliminate your engagement with somebody on a public discussion platform. That is simply a consequence of participating in a public discussion platform, and not something I believe can really be solved with software. The best you can do is limit your engagement with these people, which is what the feature is designed to help with.