Igor cries!!


Igor Greybeard

Igor say Rest in Peace me dear old friend!!!

Igor say three years of long nights CDing and thrashing in SvS!!! Igor say Igor's Belkin 52 tournament edition game pad has died!!! Igor cries,,..sniff,,...sobs!!! Igor say you will be missed me dear friend!!

Igor vow you will be remembered, honored and a replacement shall be ordered!!!


Igor Greybeard

Igor say is a game pad mates!

Belkin Nostromo Speedpad n52

Igor say is a small piece of the keyboard that is self programed to the gamers needs!! Igor say you can make any button what you want!!

Igor say look around mates they retail for around 50 to 100 dollars!!

Oh BOO HOO SO SAD i hate sad endings and is it just me or does that look like something out of star trek ?
Igor say aye mate but doesn't every new electronic gadget look like it came out of star trek!! ie Cell phones and I pads!!

Constance O'hara

Pirate Lord
I'm amazed by that word ... genius ... epic ... - jaw drops -

Lemme see if I could decode this: "thingamabobbermajigidklolroflwth"
- thing - I am bobber magic - I don't know - laughs out loud - rolls on the floor laughing - what the heck

How close am I? :lol1:
lol pretty close.
thing a ma bobber majig idk lol rofl wth


Wanted Pirate
Aw. *pats Igor on the shoulder* I feel your pain Igor. We shall sing songs of it's greatness and remember it always.

*a mournful lone trumpet plays a sad, but pirate-y, slow tune in the background*