I'm Banned.. But What Does This Mean?

Rose Sunslipper

Site Founder
We have banned your account based on chat that has been associated with what could be described as disruptive behavior, such as one or more of the below:
  • Posting the same message or chat bubble many times, or spamming.
  • Maliciously interfering with the game-play of other Guests, or griefing.
What??? Okay, I get the spamming, but what is "Maliciously interfering with the game-play of other Guests, or griefing" supposed to mean??
I haven't even talked to anyone!.... well i mean i talked to like 3 people..
A greifer would be someone who harasses other people in-game. The chat log attached to the email should indicate a reason for that reason being selected. Spamming could be considered griefing because it disrupts those who are trying to read the chat.
has abassa always been a place for ppl to get "married" and act like idiots and get termed or banned?
I've never been banned
all u gotta no about abassa is who the idiots are and who the good ppl are avoid the idiots stay away from axel and u can hang there without getting banned like me lol
Wandering off topic here ... I like Abassa to plunder and to beat Darkhart up. It's easier to get a big crew on a busy server. But I don't hang out by the dock at Tortuga.

I tp'd to someone in my guild at 6am and i ended up at Abassa. It was like Grand Central Station there.I think it might have been the Guildmaster. Saw him for a few seconds then he disappered,yet he kept chatting.Kind of a weird situation since he asked if i wanted to hang out. I felt like i was chatting with a ghost.lol