Suggestion Implementing multi-lingual features to TLOPO


Pirate Apprentice
TLOPO has a very strict chat filter that many are annoyed by, but that is not the concern of this suggestion. The chat filter also filters words that are not English, and many aspects of this game that should be Spanish are only in English. There are currently a few Spanish words that function in the game, which consist of but are not limited to: "Hola," "Gracias," and "Chau." However, other common words and phrases are not tolerated. This goes the same with french, but in my own biased opinion I would prefer the addition of Spanish before the addition of French. Many games are doing this, and so should TLOPO.


Honorable Pirate
I know that at least since last year, there have been localization translations for Spanish and German in the works. There aren't many players here that don't speak English, so I can't imagine it has been a major priority.