Infamy , Igor Think Is It Coming !?!

Igor ask "Do you think this is good?"

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Igor Greybeard

Igor say Igor recently heard of this new " INFAMY " system that is still not even on test!! Igor ask what do you think?
Igor say here is offical site link:


Rose Sunslipper

Site Founder
I'm just going to ask my low level friend if we can pvp, so half the time I will just cheat and get the best badge I can get! :D
I meant that i have no clue on what Igor was talking about.. I know that Ben is ur best friend.. Idk about the Spade being "THAT FREAKING MAN BEAST" but, okay :)
The first 2011 expansion for Pirates is going to be an update to the PVP system. Infamy is similar to "reputation" in that it will bring level-like objectives to PVP. The reward will be the ability to customize your Pirate and Ship names with special rank icons.

Raven Trueheart

Site Founder
Aye....pvp is not my fav! Everytime I do it, I can't see my body...always glitching. I like the idea of customizing pirate and ship names in ranks, but I wish is could be done by some other skill/skills.
While some don't like PvP, those who do would agree it needs a serious update.. it hasn't been touched since the game's release and it's currently a very simple system without much merit. Hopefully this will change that.


Pirate Apprentice
when i pvp i turn invisable (i cant spell leave me alone about it ) i like it and i don't no one can c me but it makes it hard to move