Infamy , Igor Think Is It Coming !?!

Igor ask "Do you think this is good?"

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Igor Greybeard

Igor say Igor recently heard of this new " INFAMY " system that is still not even on test!! Igor ask what do you think?
Igor say here is offical site link:

I'm just going to ask my low level friend if we can pvp, so half the time I will just cheat and get the best badge I can get! :D
I meant that i have no clue on what Igor was talking about.. I know that Ben is ur best friend.. Idk about the Spade being "THAT FREAKING MAN BEAST" but, okay :)
The first 2011 expansion for Pirates is going to be an update to the PVP system. Infamy is similar to "reputation" in that it will bring level-like objectives to PVP. The reward will be the ability to customize your Pirate and Ship names with special rank icons.
Aye....pvp is not my fav! Everytime I do it, I can't see my body...always glitching. I like the idea of customizing pirate and ship names in ranks, but I wish is could be done by some other skill/skills.
While some don't like PvP, those who do would agree it needs a serious update.. it hasn't been touched since the game's release and it's currently a very simple system without much merit. Hopefully this will change that.
when i pvp i turn invisable (i cant spell leave me alone about it ) i like it and i don't no one can c me but it makes it hard to move