Invasion 1/11/11

Ben Cabingrin

Notorious Pirate
Yet another invasion! William Sunshot, Treasurer, Hart on Fire, Liza Jadeweather, Treasure Seeker, Allison I, Allison II, Elizabeth Bladebellows, and myself gathered on the docks of Tortuga with other players on our new server to repel Jolly's army once again. However, this one was a bit tougher because there was SO many Powder Keg Runners that the air was continually filled in the battle with big BOOMs. I was knocked out in the fifth wave and went to jail, came outside and Jolly arrived on the beaches, said to myself, wow that was quick. We repeled Jolly before he got to the tavern, and then we got a bunch of noto points. Congrats to ye all!

Here's before I got knocked out:


Here's after I got knocked out and was fighting Jolly:

Grats on the win Ben! Yea this past week, so far, has had a lot of invasions.
Tons of Powder Keg Runners, more than usual!! aahhh....but great reps!
Great screenies. I recorded a video myself, I loved all these invasion but the Keg Runners were a bit out of hand. Sure made things interesting though.