Invasion 1/6/11

Ben Cabingrin

Notorious Pirate
Well, yesterday some of us Spanians joined up on the docks of Tortuga to ward off Jolly Roger's invasion once again. Our crew leader was Bill O'Wrecker and soon the air was filled with swords, daggers, pistols and staffs as we waited for Ol' Jolly to come. I myself only used my staff and my pistol and my smoke grenades. Well, everyone gathered on one beach, the one with the docks, so I alternated between both beaches. Finally in comes his flagship, and it began. We started off good, whipped the first wave pretty good, but then we started to have some issues after the second wave as we were overran by the hordes of undead. I kept running back and forth assisting both sides as well as I could, and that was the first invasion that I never got knocked out on. I kept blasting the enemy with my voodoo powers and guns and I couldn't figure out when we were fighting the fourth wave why I was continually attacked by voodoo. I turn around and see a witchdoctor less than five feet away that was part of the second brigade, so I got rid of THAT annoyance instantly. Then pretty soon we whipped off the next brigades, and there was one point that I was alone at a barricade with a bunch of the enemy speeding towards me. Thankfully help arrived so I wasn't whipped, but it took a bunch of my health away. Anyway pretty soon up comes Jolly, and we kept hitting him from all sides, and it appeared that he really didn't know what to do cause from my end he didn't look like he was attacking a whole lot. We eventually stopped the Undead king in his tracks before he was halfway to the center of Tortuga. I forgot how many I killed, but others killed like 50 or 60 of the enemy. Congrats to you who participated! I forgot to take screenshots, but hopefully someone yesterday took pics.