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Hey everyone. I created a few iPhone apps and it would be awesome if you could check them out on the appstore!

I'm Awesome Button- Get it while it's AWESOME! - 99 Cents
Sports Facts - Have the largest base of sports facts of the AppStore! - FREE
Halloween Jokes - Tons of jokes, right at your finger tips! 99 Cents
Insults You! - Have a base of a ton of scathing insults at your disposal! - FREE

Get them today!
Well, i'm not sure if i have a big enough ego for the "I'm awsome Button"... but i'll download the jokes!
If you get any of my apps, then please rate it 5 starts and or write a review. Also, An update to Insult You! is coming soon with a ton more insults
I'm not sure. it should be Halloween Jokes For iPhone/iPod Touch. Also the account name is amwam so if you search that, it should come up