Glitch  Isla Perdida Is In My Parking Spot!

Jim Daggerskull

Site Founder
Today, I was trying to level Warren, at Isla Perdida, and I went through the island!
screenshot_2011-03-25_19-06-39.jpg screenshot_2011-03-25_19-06-39.jpg screenshot_2011-03-25_19-07-37.jpg screenshot_2011-03-25_19-07-46.jpg
I think it was because today, my computer was acting up and freezing a lot, so it just skipped some information and went straight into the island. But, it was still cool!
Cool! This makes me think we should have a shipwreck option in the game! If you sail to close to a wild island (or RC) your shipwrecked there. You can either tp out or your friend can save you and your friend earns a reward! This was more of a rambaling then an idea but it would still be fun.

Awesome pic btw