It Wont Let Me Respond To Threads

What? You mean thread on this forum? Please open Davy Darkrage's (Admin) profile page. He has explained why it happens sometimes. It happened to me and the others the other day.
lol i loves the randomness :D
EDIT (Apr 26, 2011 at 10:31 AM):
if it happens just hit more options and you can post and it shouldnt happen again

Nah, actually I have tried that, Chris ... and it still happened again. I think the way I go around this is by letting somebody else respond to post first (so I don't post two things back-to-back), or, I post on a different thread, then come back and post on my original one. Basically, don't do it two consecutive times/back-to-back. Of course this is temporary, until the issue gets fixed.
That might make sense, admins/mods are exempt to double post checking.
Should just merge them though.

The double post prevention system has been disabled for now, let me know if this problem persists.
But the second post comes after 5 minutes (from the first post), so it would not merge it with the first post. Yet it would not let us post it either.
Automatic merging was done for duplicates within a 24 hour period I believe.
It might have thrown a no permission if something went wrong during the merge, I'll look into that when I can.

For now, the issue should be gone.