join my guild called PARLAY

Charlotte Truebonney

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Best of luck with your guild Bartholomew, I agree with Tom though, you need to post some info about your guild. Rules, what you stand for, things you do etc. Good luck. :piratemickey:

Finn H.

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good luck and if i was gonna join i would need rules and stuff like how many members you have (not that i care about the number its more the quality and how active they are)

Constance O'hara

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Good luck with your guild. You need to put up rules& other things that the guild does so people know what type of guild they are joining.

Finn H.

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wow thats very impressive uh...

u need RULES ive seen guilds that havent made any rules and no 1 talks (partly the fault of the gm) but make sure your members gets to no everyone my rule for that is say hi when someone logs on and goodbye when someone doesnt very important rule to me. and another rule i like is respect everyone it gives u an excuse to talk to the people who disrespect others...

PLAN EVENTS the most important thing for a guild that is getting active members is to get them involved in things like invasions a regular thing the officers can set up... other events should be planned like raids on tormenta do it according to the lvl of the active members an event that i like is going to dark hart because everyone comes even the lower lvls...

the most succsesful guild without rules that ik of is a guild like dark element. but i learned something about guilds from them once your guild gets big if you want to change the rules you cant. there is no way to change it because there will be to many people in your guild people in your guild

another thing is get to no your officers and other members judge them no 1 wants to be in a guild where u dont get promotion. but more importantly have a ranking system i like MEMBER, VETERAN, OFFICER, GUILD LEADER (dont promote unless (see below in the paragraph) ), CO. GM (1 or 2), GM (you). maybe you will make a rank in between officer and guild leader like SENOIR OFFICER because if a guild leader leaves your guild or becomes innactive you will put your senior officer as a guild leader and promote a officer to your senior officer position. and there could also be a SENIOR GUILD LEADER in the case of a CO GM or GM leaving or becoming innactive. you need backups.

MEMBER a person who will file complaints to guild leaders and above.
VETERAN same as a member but can invite
OFFICER same as veteran but will be able vote on new veterans and officers (will set up a
SENIOR OFFICER same as officer (see paragraph for explanation) will also see how guild meetings work as well as others
GUILD LEADER (only changes if 1 leaves) same as officer but will tell gm or co gm if there is a complaint will be part of and contribute to guild leader meetings
SENIOR GUILD LEADER same as guild leader (see paragraph for explanation) will see what goes on with co gms and gms
CO GM same as guild leader will have a say in everything but the final decision goes to the gm (unless the gm does a vote system which will also aply to guild leaders if GM wishes)
GM gets to make promotions, make final desicions, and choose what system they will use.

ik its very complex but i garentee its worth reading if you are a loyal GM