Ahoy, mates!

Capt. Blood’s outfit was so popular last month that we’ve procured another rum-fine red outfit, the Crimson Captain. Ye’ll be the sharpest dressed pirate on the high seas with those fine clothes! And as a bonus, the red color be good for hiding yer enemies’ bloodstains - har har har!

But wouldn’t ye know, on the way here our supplier "ran into" a ship bound for Ile D'Etable De Porc that was carrying some very fine French Fencer outfits. The captain managed to "persuade" the other ship to share some of the cargo and we’re offering these outfits are a great "low price" because we Peddlers be such generous people.

Hurry in, ye scallywags! As always, ye only have 2 months to snatch these outfits before they be gone!

Fair winds!