Just a short little fun story.


Wanted Pirate
Just a short little story I wrote sometime last year when my guild had a Story time event... Just thought I'd share it here for fun.
Once upon a time -
There was this shy and quiet pirate named Merliah who had a hard time making friends.. One day she got so bored she decided to go and look for buried treasure on Driftwood Island. She searched and searched tirelessly but she found nothing. As she was getting ready to launch her ship and head back to Tortuga it started to storm so she decided to find shelter and wait out the storm under a shipwreck she noticed nearby. While waiting she drifted off to sleep.....
Two hours later she was startled awake by something crawling on her.. out of the corner of her eye she noticed this dark form that looked like a giant spider, She bolted and took off running. as she was running she was looking behind her to make sure the 'Giant Spider' wasn't chasing her so she didn't notice the fallen tree limb in front of her till it was too late. She tripped and fell, then all went dark. Finally a few minutes later she came to. As she was trying to sit up she noticed something was on top of her and staring at her.. A big red Crab. She named the crab crabby and decided to keep the crab as a pet.
They lived happily ever after as friends.