Kodak to Retire & Yung Thug "On the Run" and Prison

Yung Stir Fry

Sea Legs
Im bored.
But here's some big news in the hip hop world for all you hip hop heads:

Kodak Black - claims he will be retiring after "one or two more albums", quite sad he's talentless but his music is quite fun to listen to. But can we really trust someone like Kodak to live up to his word? I think not if ya ask me.

My second and bigger news is Yung Thug. Hopefully you already knew he caught a case - 3 counts of Intent to Distribute, 4 counts of possession of illegal substances, and possession of a firearm. In english that means he had ALOT of three types of substances and just some 3 other substances (charged twice for one substance, i dont get it either).
Buuuuuut what you might not know is that he'll be releasing a post-mortem album called "On the Run". Which hopefully he doesn't do, but even if he does it's not like it matters anyways we'll probably forget he even existed by the time he gets out if he gets out.

But the album will be banger-city which is all that really matters :)