Le Cerdo

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rofl.... never would of cared to look it up... interesting name though, makes me wonder other things about the game we have just passed by


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LOL Maybe Doc Grog needed a pig to test his potions on instead on risking a person. xD
All along it bothered me why this game had a person tied up in the back room there ... I thought that was mean. My guild and I used to do an 'RP' (hehe, role playing) game in there, saying that Doc Grog was ... :confused::rolleyes:;) kind of doctor. So we needed to raid his place because of that. But since he uses a 'pig' (in a man form), I guess that's ok ...


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And Porc means stable? Rotfl. Last time i checked he was crying. Not very Porc to me.

And Also, Port Royal was actually a real place. It used to be a pirate town but it got hit by a tidal wave in 1666, making it disappear. PR was on an island called "Jamaica."