Left Behind Glitch

Mr. Seadog

Sea Legs
I had some friends that used to play, told of a glitch while raiding navy ships, where because bad connection, (My Friend) stays on the ship and it doesn't sink, while (My Friends Ship) sails away with the rest of its crew.
Anybody else experienced this? Or is this an old Fisherman's Story?

Bart Gunshot

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I don't know if this is the same glitch but when a ship would sink and I teleported away/to the ship at around the same time this would happen.
I remember a glitch like that! A friend and I were getting Phantoms and Revenants for the Black Pearl quest and a couple of times we would sink but we wouldn't go to jail. We'd still be in the water and we'd be able to see our ship be swallowed by the depths of Davy Jones' Locker! :raft:


Notorious Pirate
I have no idea as I have never experienced it, this was probably just a made up story, it sounds cool though!
Nope, it's not. I've experienced this. The flagship sank but I didn't grapple back to the ship. So I sank with the ship and I couldn't move my pirate in the ocean. I could only pan the camera. (There was no music. It was kind of creepy.) A little after, I got dc'd.