Legendary Abilities

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Thoughts on Break Attacks and Weapon Skills?

  1. Legendary Weapon Skills/Break Attacks should be buffed.

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  2. Legendary Weapon Skills/Break Attacks are fine as they are.

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  3. Legendary Weapon Skills/Break Attacks should be nerfed

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    Simple concept: Make Legendary Abilities more powerful. Elemental Sweeps should be some of the strongest Break Attacks in the game if they're going to match their weapons.

    Freeze Sweep: Unleashes a powerful wave of ice, inflicting a 6-second freeze to all nearby enemies.

    Shock Sweep: Summons cursed lighting that slows enemies and activates a silence that shuts down enemy abilities for 10 seconds.

    Inferno Sweep: Infects the Inferno status effect, a stronger form of Burn that does 2000 damage over 10 seconds. Shuts down healing abilities. Can't be Cleansed.