Live Servers Down 11/2/2010

Edward Edgemenace

Honorable Pirate
We are sorry! Pirates of the Caribbean Online is temporarily closed for maintenance from 11PM PDT and will reopen at 1AM PDT. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

No warning, just poof! Nothing new on test, so whatever "fix" it is, gets tested on the live servers, first.
They are just removing the All Hallow's Eve events it looks like.
ToonTown has closed for the same reason, also without prior admin messages, though I caught the red bar on the login screen before I got kicked.
davy still rocking the toon town account eh mate... maybe i will have to bust my bear out again and cause a ruckus with a pie lol i got tossed last night so i just went to bed figured it was a sign
It's not for everyone, and would take some getting used to, especially from Pirates. The battle system is turn based (turn by turn), and leveling is done as you progress through the different "playgrounds" by questing ("ToonTasks"). There is also no Open Chat, being the game was designed for young children. However, you can exchange true/secret friend codes outside of the game with others which will let you "open" chat with them. Open Chat is said to come to ToonTown eventually.

It's pretty cheesy, I didn't think I would play it in a million years.. it took Samantha a lot of convincing, but once I tried it I found I liked it. There is a free trial that lets your progress through the first playground, ToonTown Central.. so if anyone is curious I would recommend trying that. If anyone needs any help or decides to play/try it, let me know.. but like I say it's not for everyone.