Live Servers Down 11/8

We are sorry! Pirates of the Caribbean Online will be temporarily closed for maintenance from 9PM PST and will reopen at 3AM PST. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience!

From what I have heard no one has gotten the message who is currently playing. Did they stop giving us the warning in the game because thats twice in a row now?

It's 9:30 and the servers are still up, but everyone says all there player friends have been suddenly deleted. Lol just got logged off there doing it 1 by 1 I guess.
I know the player friends thing has been an issue with the last update. What is strange is the length of time the servers are down. Every time I have seen them down that long its usually some kind of change but I have heard nothing of rumors.
Network maintenance it would appear, yet again other games are down too. Maybe a server-side patch, no client update that I'm aware of.. we will see.

The no notices thing is getting annoying, but getting booted late is nothing new..
I was not on the game but on the forums and recieved an Error message . i could not click out of it and needed to get off line and come back in. That was just now. What happened ? Did this happen to anyone else?
Its says my ID is wrong when i try to log on :(, now that scary! and when you turn to their hompage it says the site is under Jolly Rogers curse.

I did hear some rumors about another new island and then there is the new pirate clothes.
Well i guess we have to wait in patience!