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Hey everyone,

With our Lobby system coming soon, I thought it would be good to write up a thread explaining the ins and outs of it. The system as a whole isn't very complex to use; however, there are a few points that may need clarification for players.

To start, each Lobby can be made public or private. To make a Lobby private, one needs to "uncheck" the Public button. Once that is done, the Lobby is considered private. Once a Lobby is private, the lobby creator must give the Lobby ID to the people they want to join.

public or private.png

filter options.jpg

When a player has the Lobby ID, they must go to the "Filter Options" located at the bottom of the Lobby main page. Once a player has gotten there, they enter the Lobby ID at the top, which will then pull up the private lobby to join. Note: if you back out, you must re-enter the Lobby ID to pull up the private lobby.

Below is a screenshot of the Lobby page, which shows all the various game types that you can choose. It's pretty self-explanatory but I'll run through each.


1. Pirate vs Pirate
Self-explanatory, in this game type you can toggle between Mayhem PvP, Team PvP and (eventually) Capture the Chest (CTC). Once inside, a player can also choose the map they wish to use for the respective game mode, as well as players being able to choose what side they are on for Team PvP and CTC.​
2. Find a Crew
In Find a Crew, a player can look across all the oceans to find the crew that they wish to join. Crews are categorized by what the leader needs a crew to do. Among these categories includes: different modes of looting, SvS, potions, different modes of sailing, fishing, cannon defense and questing. These are just a few of the categories. When a player joins the Lobby, the leader hits "Start" and all members in the Lobby are teleported to the leader and are then automatically added to a crew with the leader as captain.​
3. Parlor Games
In Parlor Games, a player can choose the game mode they want (blackjack, poker, or a mix of both) and there are dedicated "maps" that they can teleport to for each.​
4. Treasure Maps
Treasure Maps are the exact same as they were in the Matchmaker system. A player can initiate the Treasure Map lobby in order to get a crew to run the Black Pearl Liberation with them. In the future, we hope to add more maps for players to take part in.​
5. Adventures
This is a new list. In Adventures, players will be able to launch Meetups to meetup with their friends and guildmates. We have a ton of Meetup locations to choose from, including one that looks much like the Guild Halls.​
In addition, once a player has initiated a Lobby, they can kick somebody out, or promote them to Host. To do this, click on the number next to the player's name in the Lobby (I marked this with an arrow), and a pop-up message will appear.

This is just the basic overview, in the replies I will try and be more specific with each game type.
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Stephen Teague

Pirate vs Pirate (PvP):


After opening up the Lobby page and choosing Pirate vs Pirate, you then have the option of choosing which PvP game mode you wish to start.

Starting with Team PvP, a player can choose the map they want the PvP to take place in, as well as view which side each player will be on. Each player controls what side they will be on by toggling between each coin.

At the bottom of the page, the leader can rotate between each location that they wish to use.

location 2.png

location 3.png

Mayhem will behave the exact same, except obviously you can not pick sides. The locations for Mayhem include: Molten Cavern, Forgotten Grotto and Classic Molten Cavern.

Stephen Teague

Find a Crew:

Like I mentioned earlier, in Find a Crew, a player has many categories to choose from. This will allow a player to find a crew much more efficiently than it was pre-Lobbies.


Above are some of the categories.

If one wishes to find a crew for looting, they simply choose the category that is most desirable. In the screenshot below, I chose cursed looting.


Once the lobby is initiated, players can then join. Once the lobby creator is satisfied, they hit "Start" and all the crew leaders will be teleported to the lobby creator. Once teleported, the game will have automatically crewed everyone in the lobby together, with the creator as the captain.

Please note that you will not be teleported to the boss. Due to some technical limitations, we can't have players teleport to the boss itself. This is noted in game as well for clarification in the boss section.

Below are a few screenshots of other Find a Crew categories, there are many more than screenshotted below, I am just showing a few.