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John Seawalker

Notorious Pirate
i found this looking through old news

John Foulroberts

I think there may be a new force for us pirates to fight! Some sort of new enemy? Or ship? We pirates are getting anxious to find out!

May 02, 2011 08:24PM

Hailee Seaheart

... I almost sold that sword! good thing i kept it to help me fight!

May 02, 2011 08:24PM

ADMIN GM Caymen Trench


A wise decision, Hailee. All Pirates should keep the Sword of Triton handy and at the ready...
I did sell the Triton on one of my pirates ... I thought it was a 'lame' one with a low attack point. :p
But I tried to redeemed the code 2 days ago and it worked! So for you who has accidentally sold it, go ahead and redeem it again, I think it still works.