Looking Back Over The Stern *december 27, 2010*


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Captain's Journal: X. Hench, December 27

As I sit here under the stars looking out to sea to what may lie ahead, I can't help but think of all the tales I have to tell.

The year began with the Feats of Strength Competitions, which saw many strong Pirates competing in some friendly Pirate games. By the looks of the crowd in attendance, I knew Pirates were well prepared for what would come.
Jolly Roger and his undead legion took every opportunity to strike when we weren't looking and even introduced a dastardly new villain, The Powder Keg Runner! These undead devils have been an explosive thorn in our sides ever since.

After defending the islands from Jolly's onslaughts, Pirates took the time for some merriment in the form of a Mardi Gras celebration and even helped reunite some long lost loves for Valentine's Day. Seeing Pirates come together for good causes strengthens my belief that we fight for the right reasons.
And fight we did, when a new band of seedy characters washed up on our beaches. The Casa de Muertos Guild arrived with promises of riches and weapons and I regret to say, many Pirates aided them in their quests without knowing the true consequences.

Disaster struck when our great Captain Walter fell during a skirmish with their leader, Capt. Ezekiel Rott. On that sad day, I, Xavier Hench, was thrust into the role I oversee today as leader and Captain of the Marceline Guild. My crew and I, including many a rogue pirate, have vowed revenge against Jolly who was ultimately responsible for unleashing this evil upon us. So we march forward and intensified our search for a means to stop his evil ways!
In a bold move, the East India Trading Company and Royal Navy set sail for a rumored new island in massive Expedition Fleets. Their goal at the time was unknown but ultimately revealed as wanting El Patron's Weapons for themselves before Jolly Roger or Pirates could find them. Unkown to the EITC and Navy, their own Expedition Fleets were leaving a trail for Pirates to follow and thus led many a brave buccaneer to the exact location of the new island! Ha! Those fools ...
Sailing under heavy guard, these EITC and Navy fleets can still be found on the seas today, a challenge for even the most experienced Captain and Crew. We hit them fast and hard sinking many of their ships and looting their hulls of Royal Chests thus intensifying a Pirates' desire for riches.
However, I must sadly report that the powerful new weaponry fell into the wrong hands.

With our mission still unfinished, Pirates from all over vowed to take these weapons back! We Pirates set to the seas and brought the fight to the doorstep of all known enemies to discover incredible new weapons, some never before seen in the Caribbean like: the Musket, Bayonet, Blunderbuss, Sabres and a collection of cursed weaponry only the enchantress Tia Dalma could have imagined like the Sword of El Patron, Cursed Seafang and the Bloodfire Cutlass!
With the battles in the Caribbean intensifying and the promise of larger adventures on the horizon, the demand for supplies had reached a breaking point.
Specialty jobs were introduced to satisfy this demand:
Potion Brewing,
an ancient art passed down from Tia Dalma and Sandra Tew, allows Pirates to dabble in drafting their very own mystical brews.
Fishing is a popular skill that rewards a Pirate in both skill and gold. It also introduced the fishing boat which can be used to cast your lure into the deep ocean and possibly at a chance of catching a legendary creature!

Ship Repair allows Pirates to work for the local shipwright and earn gold for repairing a backlog of damaged Pirate ships. It also gives Crews the ability to repair their own damaged ships while at sea.
Cannon Defense requires teamwork to ensure no renegade Bandits make off with our island's wealth. We Pirates don't like to part with our gold and that's a fact!

With these new skills in tow, Pirates charged forth towards the new island under the direction of Captain Jack Sparrow himself. With a threat from Jolly of a rum blockade, Pirates eventually set foot on this shadowy, desolate land called: Raven's Cove.

Alas, we arrived too late and found but one survivor: Crazy Ned. Mine shafts that lead to ghostly dangers and grand reward are rumored, just inquire with any of the other-worldly inhabitants and I'm sure they'll tell you a tale regarding this mysterious island. But this be sure, Raven's Cove holds many supernatural secrets and every Pirate must strive to experience the adventures to be had here.
I must be off now, there's a fantastic Winter Celebration I must attend and I'll need to purchase some new threads from the Peddlers. I also hear of colorful fireworks to ring in the New Year will follow. Between December 31 and January 2, 2011, the skies will fill with a grand fireworks show. They can be viewed from Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres Del Fuego. I'm glad to know that even amongst all this conflict, Pirates still know how to have a good time!
From the Marceline Guild and fellow Pirates, I hope you join us for what will be another exciting year to come. Fair winds!
~ Capt. X. Hench ~
It makes it exciting knowing that we always have good things to look forward to in potco, Ive only been playing for a year and i have seen so many new things happen.
I ended up being grounded from January-may and I came back and was shocked at the new weapons o_o. Then the potions, reviving thing, fishing, new island, new clothes, new swords, etc. I hope this year is even better :)
to recall the events of the year Meg like the changing of Padres at the start of the year. i believe Port Royal and Tortuga were done in 09 and Padres brought us in with abang then the caverns changed then invasions accured on a regular basis. btw i posted on that thread at disney but my post must have been to much for the mouse :D all the while the new weapons came out early also this last year.. great post Player keep them coming my youg scholar we will make a pirate out of you yet ;)