Loot the boot!

Top island for ye loot

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Silent Warrior

Wanted Pirate
This thread is for telling everyone where you got ye boot loot! (boot loot is aka bounty and aka loot drop.) Tell the world where ye threads powerful weps and most of ye pot of gold come from! Don't make us wait mate!


Honorable Pirate
in all the pirates i have gotten famed with.. neban the silent, dark hart, el patron mine and tormenta is where i get everything, i get alot of bright clothing at outcast twisted stump boss

Matthew Goldrage

Wanted Pirate
Gold Room, tormenta; south idol, the mines (but it IS SO LONG TO GET ANY FAMED i got to full moon there); and i gamble better that sparrow against jolly roger xD

Silent Warrior

Wanted Pirate
Tormenta yes but surprising the queen anne is a very great place to get some loot and abassa dark hart is great to find weapons that are not famed but are rare with lots of value that can get you alot of gold quickly! :party::drink:

john redmonger

got my rare cursed swords from the molusks and beards after kelp bridge while mastering my staff and i believe my famed doll from tormenta also havent gotten much from ravens cove yet