Looting method receives it's 100th 5 star review!

Discussion in 'TLOPO Guides and Tips' started by Charles Warmonk, Jan 29, 2017.

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    Sorry Charles, was not my intention to be rude. Congrats! c:
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    GJ with the post!!! ^_^
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    *Very, not vary, simple typo.
    *Whopping, not Whooping, while it does mean joyful, it doesn't make sense in that manner.
    *Its, 'thank the community for it is continous feedback', another, simple but foolish grammatic error.
    I know you want to be a professional man, so fix these mistakes to not make yourself seem silly.
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    Hi. I read your guide a few times fully full, and I'm still not sure what you were referring in this paragraph.
    First you say just take brights, fame and legendary and then you say don't take ANYTHING. The rest of the guide never really clears this up.
    "Here is the short version of the trick/method to getting better loot. It's simply not to pick anything out of Loot pouches, Loot Chests, or Loot Skull unless it is a Brights (you really want) Famed, Famed Cursed, Legendary. This trick/method should start to work within 30-60 in some cases 60-120 enemies and continue to work more and more if you keep using it. When using it you should see your loot quality (Gold, Brights, Ammo etc.) change and improve. You may look inside any of the loot that you plunder but don’t take ANYTHING unless you want to reset your percentage of getting Loot Skull Chest/Better loot. "

    Now, within the last few months, we know the loot has been sketchy, to say the least. I have been doing your method for 5 days straight many hours. I go at least 150 kills and I still see no improvement or increase in container drops nor quality. I think your system could be suffering from age. Your system is certainly suffering from the loot bugs for sure.
    Also, the high number of kills is over 100 red enemies by that time.
    So, I don't collect anything, have constantly killed 300 enemies in a row and no fame, legendary. And a handful on junk greens.
    This has been done in the shallows as well. I thought if I kill 300 enemies, over 100 of them red, and I go start farming a boss, I would of thought this 'trick' would create some action with bosses. Nothing.

    I know the shallow boss drops are tremendously low as I have killed legs alone over 185 time in a row just to see 1 skull, and with crap inside.

    Last night I farmed Legs and it took me 120 kills to see the first skull. Another 70 kills for the second skull which had only 27 gold in it. And then it was another 120 kills to see the third skull with low loot. I recall only seeing less than 15 loot chests from legs in that whole total event.

    If you technique were working, wouldn't I have seen a better night, considering I already had over 300 kills before starting on legs without keeping a thing? I think todays loot problems are killing anyones techniques right now.
    And just to spread it out, I went after each boss and killed them until they dropped a skull. I gave up on pali after 50 kills. Niko gave up one skull after 60 something times. The brothers never dropped a skull and I gave up after 55 kills. I've never seen the female drop a skull yet.

    Of course, I'm kind of basing this on average kills per drop or something. That's how I've been gauging things lately.

    Just thought I'd drop this here.