Lost Into The Depths Of A Lonely Tunnel ...


Honorable Pirate
As a black cat, with not much to do I was running around Donalds Dock looking for a fish or two.
With my belly full I went to take a nap in Acorn Acres with those two little rats, I mean chipmunks.
Enjoying the view of the mountains and the sounds, I notice an un familiar tunnel, leading deep into the mountain.
Curiosity got the best of this cat, when I decided to venture in,and got sucked up just like that.
Faster than I could blink I was in a vortex of evil laughter, getting louder and faster whats to come after.
Next I was laying in sand looking up at the blue skies, the noise had calmed and there were birds in the sky.
I shook my head and pinched my arm, to realize this wasnt a dream I was in the Caribbean!
I had shed my fur and become a human, dressed in shaggy clothes with ratted up hair.
Bare feet in the sand and between my toes I began to walk on explore the land. Ships at the dock, weapon shops nearby, across was a bar inside was laughter and music.
I stepped inside to take a peak, there were pirates all around having a drink.
Out and on I went to see what else I could find when I came across some scary undead brigand.
I ran away quickly and hopped on a boat I figured I would be safe out at sea.
Dodging bullets realizing it wasnt a good plan I landed upon another small island. Giants crabs and scorpions around, I ran fast before I got beat down.
Bags of gold and water falling inside and a hairy man standing on the side.
He offered me a gun and told me to shoot the monkey.
I took a shot and thought what a pitty.
A possessed monkey I thought to myself, this place is crazier than Toon Town. With a grin on my face I thought " I like this place" and that is where my Pirate life began.
Hadnt planned on it, but here is Part 2, I hope you enjoy it as much as the first.
I was out to find a famous pirate at hand, a well known pirate of the Tortugan land.

I stepped upon a famous dock where pirates stood around and mocked.

I hear their chants as I walk on through, "Aye look there be a noob!"

I traveled upong the path to the light, where inside the door I hope for some insight.

What was I to do as a pirate, where must I go and fight?

A musky tavern, named the faithful bride, I walked through cloud as it came alive.

Drinking, gambling and people danced around back in the corner is the man I want found.

Captain Jack Sparrow, dont speak his name lightly, for the enemies will come with a fight of mighty.

He seemd pretty spooked and with a smell of fear, He began to ask me " By any chance you dont happen to have a lovely sister by the name of Ethel, do you, my dear?"

With a look of awkwardness I was a bit nervous , he welcomed me to Tortuga, Captain Jack Sparrow at you service.

With his stench of rum I wanted to hurl, as he whispered in my face "we're going after the Black Pearl."

As he pressed on, something about a tip, he sent me off to go sail my ship.

Onward and off to a swampy land, I wasnt sure this was a thought out plan.

There I met a mysterious woman with a smell of guana, her name as it be was Tia Dalma.

She talked of dark things and told me to look at her doll I gazed a bit too hard in a trance I began to fall.

I shook it off before she had me in her spell, and began to walk as I told her farewell.

On I went to take with this crazy journey, I was sure to get out of there in a big hurry.
Terri, your too sweet!