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Release Notes LOTRO U19.3 Hotfix Notes

Discussion in 'Lord of the Rings Online' started by Rich Fireskull, Feb 16, 2017.

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    Apr 2, 2012
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    On 2/15/17 the game was brought down to perform a hotfix to address some issues..

    "The hotfix will address the following issues:

    • Reeds in the Dead Marshes have been adjusted so characters can once again reach Artamir for the quest Missing in the Marshes.
    • Guardian - Keen Blade specialization - heavy Blows will once again trigger Prey on the Weak heals with increased probability based on the current bleed tier.
    • Accounts with a 2 or 5 gold cap will once again receive currently in their overflow. This currency becomes available with a currency cap unlock.
    • Players will no longer receive duplicate mail of previously-deleted mail with already-detached currency."