Lotro - Update 19 - Housing, Flowers, Armors, and a bit of lag

Punkin Pie

Pirate Lord
Picking flowers for armor? Not actually what a warrior in Middle Earth might expect. But after you collect enough of the right flowers in North Ithilien, head to the barter to trade them and you'll be smelling like a rose in your sweet shiny level 105 4-slotted armors. And you don't have to own the region in order to do this. The only downside I see is that the armors have no set bonus like the Osgilliath armors do.
Get picking!

The new housing is amazing! Most people don't want to use Mithril Coins on buying a home, but if you easily convert the amount of Mithrils to TPs (turbine points) , it's not that bad. For the smallest house (which is huge, with about 18 hooks outside and 128 hooks inside) you can spend about 1350 turbine points in the Lotro store to buy the Mithrils, which you need to use for buying the home. I was originally boycotting the housing sales because I didn't think people should have to pay MC (Mithrils) but after I did the math I felt silly and got one myself. I don't get to spend much time there, but houses are a fun place to show off your trophies and all the cool stuff you collected from runs, and your decorating skills, lol. It's also a free trip to Dol Amroth from the horse at the gate, and a 10 second cooldown to the house is really cool for all your alts. I snuck my level 38 alt into DA with a friend using the horse-port, it was pretty funny, but they may put an end to that if they see DA overrun with a bunch of noobs, lol.

I'm not sure how bad lag is for all of you, but a lot of people I know have lag issues after the update, and some DC's (disconnects) or CTD (crash to desktop).

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See you in Middle Earth! :harry: