Request Make the Lights Available for Upgrades!!!

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Once Upon A Time...

I want to clarify that the reason I am for this thread's idea is because I think offering upgrades for small ships would improve quality of the experience lower level players can have by allowing them to have more fun with sailing early, and even just experiment with different hull types to figure out what sort of medium ship or war ship upgrade they'd like once they can afford one. I truly think it has potential to improve new player retention. There's just so much more to gain than there would be to lose if something like this were to be implemented IMO. But the story doesn't end there, because I feel like both sides here can be satisfied with enough creative thinking.

I came up with what I think might be a good solution... Possibly... Maybe... My idea is to instance SvS off kind of how PvP is instanced off from the main world. If you had players who were able to create private SvS matches similar to PvP, you could have a pre-established rule set before a SvS match begins which would save people from the frustration of somebody using a hull type or ship type the group doesn't think is fair. This would function similarly to how PvPers typically decide upon what weapons will be legal in the match before the match begins. This of course is heavily based on an honor system, but it is an honor system that I'm fairly certain most will abide by. Most wouldn't want to risk their integrity as an established and skillful SvS player by breaking the honor system that would be connected to an instanced SvS match. However, If you don't trust people to abide by an honor system, you could always implement a system in SvS where the game would detect you trying to use a ship type or hull type that the SvS group leader banned from the match before it began by using some sort of menu, and thus force people to only use what was agreed upon and selected.

A downside to my idea is that since SvS currently isn't an incredibly large community (for now) from what I can tell, you would probably have certain people feeling left out. For example, maybe there is only one SvS group playing on any given night, and then that one person just gets to sit around unable to participate because the only active SvS group would be playing with a rule set that player didn't like. There seems to be a problem with every solution I can think of, but ultimately I think my solution here makes enough sense. Possibly. Maybe.

I don't doubt a solution like I just came up with would require a lot of development time and wouldn't be easy, but I am not going to base my solution here on developmental difficulty. There's clearly a lot of people passionately against this and passionately for this. So I'm putting aside the part of me that wants a quick and easy solution in favor of something that I think would actually work to allow people to keep SvS balanced, but also give people their Light upgrades.

The End.


Sea Legs
doesn't matter if they svs at night those players aren't at the top of the pyramid of svs lol, there are around 200, thats the population of Tlopo rn, 200 on Abassa, 30-40 people on all the other servers. We are all in a SVS Community Discord Server, we all know each other lol.
Ive been around since the beginning of Privateering in Potco. I was born in it. I made Light sloops a popular thing in the beginning of Svs Timeline. So of course I'm trying to bring it back and defend it.
Where is this discord?