Mardi Gras Around The Corner - March 07, 2011


As if Pirates needed more reason to burst in merriment and fun, Pirates proudly present a week of Mardi Gras festivities sure to delight Pirates old and young!

If you haven't already rushed the Peddlers to pick up your March items, Pirates are pleased to find out those devilish merchants have illegitimately procured a stash of special Mardi Gras themed threads and will be selling them when the holiday begins on March 8, 2011 thru March 16, 2011.

In addition, we urge Pirates to congregate outdoors during nightfall as the skies erupt in color as our master technicians from the far east set off a brightly Mardi Gras inspired fireworks show off the coasts of Port Royal, Tortuga and Padres del Fuego.

Additionally, the bonfire and roast pork tonic are back on Tortuga! So gather your friends, guild and crews to celebrate such a fine event.

As if that wasn't enough, the Marceline Guild have brokered a deal with Elizabeth Swann to use the Governor's Mansion courtyard to hold a special Pirate event. Come dressed in your best! There will be Pirate games played hosted by the Marceline GMs, as well as a best dressed contest.

Don't forget ... a Double Gold Weekend will also bring much fortunes to all March 12 and March 13 ALL DAY LONG. See you there!

What: Marceline Guild hosted Mardi Gras Gala​
When: Saturday March 12 from Noon to 1pm (PST/Los Angeles)​
Where: Governor's Mansion Courtyard on the following Oceans:​
Whoa... these clothes are really bright. I thought something was wrong with the player cards again ;)

Was on Abassa... Garish is the word I was looking for to describe these new clothes
Awww. Where's the fun in dull clothes for Mardi Gras? The colors are quite tame actually. Do a search on Mardi Gras parades and you will see that these new cloths fit in just nicely.
:party:Woot, POTC designers did a nice job!:party: