Screenshots Mastering Shots


Honorable Pirate
So I went for the cake... set everything up that masters at level 30, then went right down the list. Cannon, Sail, Sword, Shooting, Doll, Dagger/Knives, Grenade, Staff... 8 skills mastered in a matter of 5 minutes (give or take):

screenshot_2018-01-19_17-10-04.jpg screenshot_2018-01-19_17-15-19.jpg screenshot_2018-01-19_17-19-26.jpg screenshot_2018-01-19_17-19-52.jpg screenshot_2018-01-19_17-20-42.jpg screenshot_2018-01-19_17-21-18.jpg screenshot_2018-01-19_17-23-30.jpg screenshot_2018-01-19_17-24-25.jpg