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Recruiting Masters N Skulls

Punkin Pie

Pirate Lord
Masters and Skulls thread.jpg

Pie Pirate card.jpg
Edward Pirate Card.jpg
Seahawk Pirate Card.jpg

PM one of us if you'd like to join so that we may meet you in game:
Esmerelda Sharkfellow Edward Mctimbers Seahawk

**Sorry for the edit, but this original post was made 5 years ago during Potco. We now realize that Veteran status varies case by case and not just dependent on being a forum member.
Thanks for understanding! :D

If you're reading this post from 2012, it's amazing to see how far we've come since then!
So many of us are back together again, it's great!
And any of you have that haven't gotten started yet, it's not too late,
your room is just as you left it, hurry home!
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Punkin Pie

Pirate Lord
One of the best guilds (i think) out there right now is this one ;)
Thanks So much Solo! We've had some changes for sure, and we're gonna do it right. Great people and friends, like family.

I'm also an officer although I don't play as much anymore... it's an epic guild.
I'm going to be adding officers soon Red, I could never forget about you!

We're also going to work on a guild site soon. I love you guys! :D

Punkin Pie

Pirate Lord
No, he's in Sovereign Code, I was just curious, because I know him pretty well
OH, well, it's funny that Soul forgot to tell me he was about to max, and I had my friend box open, and chat box too :confused: I was lucky I caught the last second of glow! Normally I would close all that. Grrrr lol. And Davy was with you and me at Neban once, and friended me.