Material Run... ON A LIGHT SLOOP

Nate Redhawk

Ok so im literally posting this as we port, me and 2 friends of mine just finished a Mat Run on my friend Flight's light sloop. it was... awesome to say the least and I really didn't think it was possible. But, thanks to level six Fury and a lot of patience ( with lag ) we did it! Keep in mind, this is my first thread post so... no destructive criticism :)


Nate Redhawk

Hey! that guy talking in chat, hes got the same name as me! :O Freaky...
( regarding that derp on the forums, I wont post his name for the sake of decency, and I doubt he even has an account on here, but you know who you are )

Nate Redhawk

deleted it along with a few other pictures, any Thinking pirate can tell that's a light sloop :p plus I didn't want people to see my sailing tab xD

Sparky Wonderwolf

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Not surprised because I was on a noob and I actually sank quite a few big ships. Sur eit took me a while but it was rather easy because it is fairly easy to dodge broadsides. I should do this some time xD


a good 2 person crew is enough :p we had 3 ppl aboard because one of them just wanted to tag along, but he didn't have anything to do because we started out by helping other ships sailing the edge shoot down their hunters and warships, and only one side had the enemy in range for the whole time.

Nate Redhawk

except for the 1 HUGE downside that everybody has neglected to mention:
a LIGHT SLOOP can only carry so much :p ( 6 )


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Once had over almost one-hundred players on a light sloop. Looked a little like this...

(Just so you know I'm the handsome fellow in the corner)